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Point-cloud generation

In this movie we depict point-cloud generation based on our eRTIS sonar sensor. We overlayed the point-clouds on top of LIDAR generated point-clouds for comparison.

This demonstration received the Best Live Demonstration award by the IEEE Sensors Council at IEEE Sensors 2019.

AirLeak SLAM

Using ultrasonic sensing, we are able to detect pressurized air leaks in industrial environments. Using advanced robotics algorithms, we are able to localize air leaks up to an accuracy of 10cm in large industrial plants in a fully automated way.

Robotic Navigation  

The imaging 3D sonar sensors that are developped at CoSys-Lab have always been developped with autonomous robotic navigation in mind. Using different design methods for all RTIS variations results in a catalog suited for a wide variaty of situations, from basic corridor tracking to harsh and complex environments.

Advanced Contemporary Research

Research does not stop after a product is finished. Using data extracted from our sensors, CoSys-Lab strives to push their capabilities close to, or even beyond, the capabilities of competing sensing modalities.


We are always interested in hearing about your application. Contact us today to discuss your ultrasonic sensing needs, and we will try our best to accommodate your needs - we promise.

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