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eRTIS: Embedded Real Time Imaging Sonar

A decade of intense research led to the an industrially viable and market ready version of the our high resolution 3D imaging sonar. Meant for applications in industrial environments where traditional sensing modalities such as LiDAR or cameras fail due to medium distortions. In these application scenarios, ultrasound can still retrieve high-resolution 3D object perception, allowing unencumbered sensing in challenging sensing scenarios.

We have tested our eRTIS sensing in a large variety of application domains, ranging from autonomous driving to mining, construction equipment, agriculture, nautical applications and navigation aids for wheelchairs.  Our experience in working with a large range of companies, combined with our fast prototyping and development methodology, ensures rapid testing and evaluation in new sensing scenarios. We have crafted an array of application enablers such as simulation tools, ROS API's, and networking features to construct networks of sonar sensors.

For more information feel free to contact us with an e-mail, or come check out our most recent research at one of the major robotics and/or sensors conferences!

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